youth3Summer Camps


Kids Camp (ages 7-12)

During the camp, kids will learn fundamental circus skills and be introduced to a variety of circus apparatuses including: trampoline, solo and partner acrobatics, tightwire, aerial, Chinese pole, and juggling! No experience required. Come learn with us!

Daily Sample Schedule: Monday – Friday:

12:00 PM – Start

12:05-12:15 – Warm up

12:15-1:30 – Skill development

1:30-1:45 – Snack/movie time (circus showreels/performances)

1:45-2:45 – Skill development/games

2:45-2:55 – Cool down/discussion

2:55-3:00 PM – Check out


Teen Circus Camp (Ages 12-18)

Beginning and Intermediate Level-

Run away and join the circus this summer!

No experience required for this Teen Circus Camp. Try several disciplines including: solo and partner acrobatics, tight wire, aerial arts (silks, trapeze, lyra), Chinese pole, juggling and more! Come learn with us!


Advanced Circus Intensive (12-20) 

Intermediate/Advanced circus artists and athletes will train with our elite coaches embellishing on current skills, performance exercises, and conditioning specific to your discipline. Additional private lessons offered in conjunction with camp at additional cost.

Please contact to register or audition.