MOTH’s Professional Performance Apprentice Program is the only one in the country to focus on performing in front of large audiences. With several sold out shows each year, a 2nd or 3rd year professional circus student will have the opportunity to train and perform alongside seasoned and international performers. Skill acquisition and conditioning will comprise one 3 hour group training per week, while the other 6 hours are alongside MOTH’s Professional Ensemble Company. Students will learn how to commit to a group, create new and original contemporary work, and be guided through existing repertoire. There will be monthly showcase opportunities, two fully produced existing productions (performing in front of 1000’s) and one original, fully produced contemporary circus show.

This program is perfect for you if you are in your 2nd or 3rd year of professional circus development, already have the proper technique, a toolbox of skills, professional attitude, dedication, the ability to work within a group/ensemble, and are ready to take your skills to a large stage.

  • 32 weeks
  • 6 Hours of group rehearsals
  • 3 Hours of Conditioning/Skill Acquisition
  • Tumbling & Dance included
  • Unlimited Open Studio Time
  • International Guest Teacher Workshops
  • 3 Professional Produced Show
  • When: September 2018- May 2019
  • Where: MOTH Contemporary Circus Center, Denver, CO
  • Cost: $6,500/year

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Anyone who has witnessed a modern circus production cannot deny that circus athletes are some of the strongest out there! With gymnastic and yoga style workouts becoming ever more popular, MOTH is offering a unique Adult Foundations Circus Program. This program will focus on strength, mobility, flexibility and movement and will help you find ways of integrating circus skills into your everyday life. Training in the circus arts can improve and enhance so many aspects of an adult’s life! After circus training you may find that climbers can send that harder problem, hikers finally bag that 14er, yogis find more ease into those advanced poses, professionals hold better posture while sitting at a computer all day and parents feel stronger rough housing with their little ones.

Classes will focus on:
· Circus strength & conditioning
· Functional flexibility & mobility
· Balancing skills such as slackline, tight wire and hand balancing
· Trampoline, Trampoline Wall
· Aerial disciplines such as trapeze, silks, aerial hoop and sling
· Acrobatic skills & tumbling

•2 semesters (32 weeks total)

•6 hours/week

•Semester 1 Cost- $1,675.00 (Payment Plan Options)

•Semester 2 Cost- $2,075.00 (Payment Plan Options)

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MOTH’s Youth Performance Program is for students with a strong interest in the circus arts, ready to take their performance skills to the next level. Students will be mentored by seasoned professionals and will have to the opportunity to appear in an act of a professional circus production and create a unique act for the Annual Student Showcase. The program will focus on strength, creativity, movement, character acting, performance development and fun!

This program is available to all levels but you must be enrolled in a 9 month program at MOTH to participate.

  • 32 Weeks
  • 5 Hours of Group Rehearsal per week
  • Unlimited Open Studio Time
  • Private Lesson Options
  • International Guest Teacher Workshop Discounts
  • Performance Opportunities (2 Professional Shows)
  • When: September 2017- May 2018
  • Where: MOTH Contemporary Circus Center, Denver, CO

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To Audition and Apply: Fill out the application below. For questions email us at or call 720-402-2044.

MOTH Professional Circus Performance Program Application (Youth & Adult)

Thank you for your interest in MOTH’s nine-month Professional Circus and Aerial Training Program.

Once your application has been reviewed, we will notify you of acceptance. Upon committing to the program, a deposit of $800 is required to hold your spot. Full payment is due within 3 weeks of your scheduled program. If you wish to set up monthly payments for the remainder, we can do so through our billing partner. Upon acceptance you will receive an invoice and can send a check made out to MOTH, or you can call with your credit card number. (We will give a full refund, minus a $100 administrative fee, for canceling within three weeks of the program. After three weeks, only half of your payment, minus $100, will be refunded.)

We look forward to reviewing your application!

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    Please provide us with any videos, websites, photos or links to activities you’ve done within circus arts, and anything else that makes you stand out as an athlete, artist, or performer. Please also provide us with 2 letters of recommendations, to be emailed.
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MOTH Contemporary Circus Center

4321 Broadway, Unit 5, Denver CO 80216
Phone: 720-370-5238

*If you have any health concerns, or have had a doctor ask you to not participate in certain activities, please be mindful. While some conditions will prohibit you from participating, some may not, but unless we know, we cannot help you. Please let us know if you have any specific questions regarding your health and intensive circus training.